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Sink your friends!

Scuffle Scoundrels is a free-for-all arcade brawl. It's played in short bursts by 2 to 4 people who want to challenge their friendship.

It's got explosive powerups, hazardous obstacles, and four imposing captains to choose from. Flank your friends and let them taste the hot end of your cannons in this fast paced pirate romp. It is sink or be sunk!


In their eagerness for booty the scoundrels sunk the treasure galleon before they could board it.
Now it is all about pointing fingers... and cannons!

Sink your rivals over and over to get gold coins. Gather the most before the bomb blows and win! Gather ten coins and win instantly!!

Let's set sails!

  • 2 Minutes of hectic scallywagging action!

  • An intense tiebreaker!

  • 4 dazzling characters, each with their own unique ship!

  • 3 obstacles either swallow you, slow you to a crawl, or blow you up!

  • 3 potent powerups to give you the upper hand!

  • A swashbuckling original soundtrack by Morten Gildberg!

  • Will you play as Haima the pirate princess of a once mighty dynasty?

    As the fierce Leowin, renegade admiral, proud and majestic?

    As the mysterious Ngisi seeking powers beyond this realm?

    Or as smarmy Aldha the rich and influential pirate merchant?

    The choice is yours in this wild high seas shootout!

    The seas are dangerous, and the lesser helmsman may perish.

  • Dance the sargasso dance through the tough seaweeds!

  • Navigate treacherous minefields, and lure your enemies to an explosive end!

  • Ride the tide on the rim of the maelstrom, but beware the krakens jaws!

  • Collect chests to load your cannons with one of three deadly powerups

  • Explosives tear through the hulls of rivals with a powerful shockwave!

  • Rapidfire send projectiles hurling through the air at a terrifying pace!

  • Chainshot catch enemies in a wide area and drag them to Davy Jones' locker!